PhD student’s dissertation evaluated MPact Health policy effectiveness

18 October 2019

Kaitlyn Crosby, PhD, successfully defended her dissertation titled, “Clinically Integrated Networks: The ‘Magic Pill’ for Improving the Quality of Health Care?” that focused on evaluating the effectiveness of MPact Health’s policies. She specifically examined how the formation of MPact as a CIN affects the quality of care delivered by physicians within the network.

To measure the quality of care, Crosby focused on two areas commonly associated with high costs: readmissions and cardiovascular disease. In terms of readmissions, she found that MPact’s average 30-day readmission performance is quite low at 2.2%, while the national average for 30-day readmission is closer to 20%.

MPact Health plans to continue working with Dr. Crosby beyond her dissertation to document how physicians in our network can continue to improve care for patients.

Kaitlyn Crosby, PhD