Participating physicians realize a number of key benefits focused on driving efficiencies and growth in their practice, and enhancing quality outcomes for their patients.

Clinical Integration

Network physicians can leverage best available technologies and processes to manage care across the healthcare continuum.

Quality Improvement

Providers are able to improve quality and utilization through the sharing of best practices within a network of physicians.


Our legal and operational structures allow for single-signature, value-based contracting by facilitating agreements between providers in our network and employers and payers.

Care Management Best Practices

MPact Health leverages proven workflows and shared approaches in both clinical and operational disciplines to establish a comprehensive approach to enhanced patient care and population health management.

Access to Employer Contracts

MPact Health’s unique direct-to-employer contracts means the potential of more patients coming to your practice.

Sharing Information on Patient Outcomes

By sharing clinical quality and outcome data along with best practices, providers in our network are empowered to deliver the highest possible care.

IT/EMR Guidance

MPact can assist with the identification of IT and EMR solutions needed to meet the requirements for Clinical Integration.

Maintain Independence

Independent physicians can leverage network resources while maintaining their practice’s independence.

Data Analytics

Members receive access to robust data analytics including quality reporting and benchmarking.